This is a brand new shiny blog, produced and hosted by LexBlog. Thanks, LexBlog.

This brand new shiny blog will address legal technology issues, with an expected emphasis towards legal technology in law schools – how to get students up to date and enthusiastic about how technology is changing the practice of law.

Eli Edwards has worked in libraries on and off since 1989, starting as an undergraduate student working part time for Los Angeles Public Library. After earning an MLIS from San Jose State University and a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law, Eli specialized in law librarianship for diverse firms, including the freelaw publisher Justia, Seattle law firm Foster Pepper PLLC, the Seattle branch libraries for the Western District of Washington, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the LAC Group. Eli has now returned to familiar grounds here, as the Emerging Technologies Research Librarian for Heafey Law Library, but knows no more than you do about why that one printer keeps jamming.

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